"Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all"

What is LOVE???Do we need LOVE?

Love is a pervasive force in the universe, not just a silly human emotion. Love is the key to living in harmony with each other and with the rest of nature. Love is to allow oneself and others to be as one is, and to live as one naturally lives.

Love is to perceive the essence of people and things and life, and to see and appreciate the value of all things. Love is to go beyond separation and difference and abstraction and language and to feel the unity in all of existence. Love is to participate joyously in the dance of life, to hear the music of evolution, to feel the pleasures and pains of the journey though life, to see the beauty in all of the world.

Painful situations, relationships that hurt us, memories of experiences that pinch our nerve endings, need not imprison us. However, we are seldom very quick to let go of the pain. Instead, we become obsessed with it, the precipitating circumstances, and the longed-for, but often missed outcome. We choose to wallow in the pain, rather than learn from it. And we salt our own wounds every time we indulge the desire to replay the circumstances that triggered the pain. Pain can't be avoided. It's as natural as joy. In fact, we understand joy in contrast to the experiences of pain. Each offers breadth to our lives. And both strengthen us. Our maturity is proportionate to our acceptance of all experiences. In retrospect we can be grateful for pain, for it offered us many gifts in disguise.

When you feel yourself starting to beat yourself up about something, try to pretend that you are your best friend. How would you talk to your friend? You would never tell your best friend the things you tell yourself. You'd never treat anybody the way you treat yourself.

You wouldn't talk to somebody you love that way, would you? Give yourself the compassion, friendship and support you would to anyone you care about.

Treat yourself like a friend.

I LOVE YOU........


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fair point, che-gu. =)

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